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  • luciush luciush Dec 20, 2007 10:35 PM Flag


    A mere process! Tells us nothing about original creation.

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    • You've already been exposed as O_8er, ya sicko.

      Work out what gender you want to be and stick to it.
      Or, if you're a stupid Christian and do what you told, you have to accept what your god has given you.

      Also, is it not the devil that tempts you with the ability to deceive?

      What kind of a mixed up nutter are you?

    • 17 Post on evolution & 11 are from you,hahahahah, what a sicko "Please, Please someone believe my theory of Evolution, Please! Get a Life AlexCumWad! Most likely 99% on IGNORE!!! Even in real life, I bet people ignore you, you are such a fricking BORE........wizzosgurl & Gang!

    • Alex, do you realize that NO ONE cares about your worn out subject of "Evolution"? Maybe you should be more open minded and start a new subject called "Creation" and you may get some replies, but you, yes you, "Mr. SmartAlex" have worn all posters out except maybe a few newbies, So just a little advice, SHUT THE F*#@ UP AND GO AWAY YOU DUM AZZ POCKET PROTECTOR WEARING GEEK!

    • What can you expect from a Texass "christian?"

    • I believe this one to be rational, however, the criteria of being wise is paramount. i.e. it is very much the way creationism is defeated by the wise, and is the way in which Bush (the unwise) validated the invasion of Iraq.

    • "You need not defend yourself against anything. Whatever is
      true in you does not need defense, and whatever is false must
      have no defense. Do not wear yourself out in useless defense,
      instead, wisely permit the defeat of falseness. What remains
      will be right."...........Vernon Howard

    • A. You are a spirit, part of the Godforce who has incarnated into a body on Earth at this time, in order to experience human life. If you can imagine the Divine Godforce as a huge energy force that is all knowing, all powerful and all loving, then realise that you are part of that Divine energy. A small droplet of light, that is part of the greater ocean of cosmic love and knowledge.

      You volunteered to visit Earth and incarnate into a human body, to gain greater knowledge of how it feels to be a woman or man. You have already experienced what it is like to be a foetus, a baby, a child and a teenager. As your life progresses you will find out what it is like to be an adult and then an elderly person and then finally discard the fragile aged body and return to the great Ocean of Divinity, to share your knowledge.

      Your experience of life is totally unique! No-one else has ever experienced being you! This time frame of the 21st century is unique! Your knowledge and experiences of life, love, hate, sex, religion and joy is something only you have experienced - so that you can relate to and you can share this knowledge with the collective spirits that make up the Godforce. You are an information gatherer on a wonderful unique journey. Make sure that you enjoy the experience, it will never happen exactly the same again!

    • your certainly welcome Alex, As we said it was all in fun (for us!) We are off on a new project of "WOOO" "Global Warming"....yours truly, larry, Breanna, Brandon, Tim, Doug, Wizzo, Tyler, Kayla (wizzosgurl)and the rest of the "Boiling Point Gang"!!!!!".. :)

    • Smartalexcums, shut your frickin mouth you moron! you know your the NOV.PK board idiot! we have been laughing at your dumb azz for days hahaha! you have know idea how many of us have been jerkin your chain! you have been our "Frog" in biology class! and the class has been laughing are azzes off! sorry Alex that the Jokes been on you but you have been so serious all through this! we all had bets when you would quit but you never would,hahaha, damn it were all laughing so damn hard right now! hey, you've been a great sport though to put up with us. we are done with you now, so later days Alex, and you too prime work, you were not even supposed to be part of it but you took the bait too! anyway thanks for the good laughs, yours truly, larry, Breanna, Brandon, Tim, Doug, Wizzo, Tyler, Kayla (wizzosgurl)and the rest of the "Boiling Point Gang"!!!!!

    • I found some scientific facts that Evolution exist guys! It comes from the frickin Meth you two are doing and your mind (and teeth) start breaking down. You are unable to stay in touch with reality. Personally I think you may have got ahold of some really bad stuff, we can almost feel your ora thru the fiber optics! The only things around you 2 that Evolves are the cars, stereos, VCR's...Ect that you take apart and can't figure out how they go back together so they "Evolved to a pile of parts inside you single wide trailer house! Now go do another line and get all wound up again and write me back about Al Gore and his theory of Global warming! hahahahha.....Looking forwards to getting more post from my 2 internet puppets, smartAlexCUMS & PrimeJERKoff, the Mad Mad Meth Scientist! YOU GUYS ARE SO FRICKIN STUPID YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR BEING PLAYED AND YOU TAKE THE BAIT EVERY TIME!!!! LoL HAHAHAHA!

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