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  • kurtis4hyr kurtis4hyr Dec 3, 2007 4:18 PM Flag

    Clinical trial failures don't bother EXEL...LOL

    Yep, read it again and you still look like a fool...sorry...

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    • "Yep, read it again and you still look like a fool...sorry... "

      Perhaps than reading comprehension 101, is in order for you. I read it last week, this only referenced EXEL, it could have referenced AMGEN for all it matters.

      The fact the stock is down today, is two fold, IMHO:

      1> AMGEN did in fact release dissapointing news this morning and

      2> The stock market as a whole is down. Someone posted earlier, last week I believe, the coilation between EXEL and the S&P500. As such it showed that the drop shouldn't be unexpected as it relative strenght to the S&P500.

    • Uh, every time you do that you prove your ignorance. What grade were you in when they tried to teach you how to read?
      Do you comprehend better when someone speaks to you? Maybe its just a literacy problem. They have adult classes for that, if you're an adult. You should look into them at your local college. Might help.

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