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  • nadersralph nadersralph Jun 1, 2009 2:39 PM Flag

    It sure looks like one person is happy today. onthejobsf is very happy.

    I always wondered why any one individual will talk down a stock, then have so many postings all supporting behind his motives. Does anyone else knows if this is the only person who is spending his day bragging about this stock going lower> this person is probably one sick one who bashes to eat daily, or is he a trader.

    As for Oncodoc, I am really not shocked that he was playing EXEL with onthejobsf and got caught short and is now cannot say what he believes in. I for a fact knows that if I am an Investor, I would proudly display my confidence to my investments, instead of having doubts of why you invested.

    I also wondered that this meeting this evening, how many brave sould will keep on bashing this stock tomorrow.

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    • Nader,
      Just to be clear, I have no idea who onthejobsf is, don't work with him(presumed male but it is the internet), and don't short stocks.
      I'm neither surprised (see my postes going back as far as two weeks) nor happy that the price dropped today. Unlike onthejobsf, I don't rely on charts, TA, or anything other than reasonable business, but have expressed curiosity in technical analysis as a "sensor" of information reflected in how people are willing to invest/bet their money. In biotech, there is a long road to return on investment and the likelihood of success varies with different events. The probablility of success changes based on different events which is then reflected in the stock price eventually.
      Drivers of big changes tend to be results and the biggest changes occur when the results do not allign with what investors expect (in a good or bad way). Check out the various guesses people made with IMCL during erbitux approval, or DNDN with Provenge. The last two weeks of EXEL were a miniature version of that with a deal mixed in in the middle. For the GBM data, my take is that when abstracts were released, investors were surprised on the upside as the data potentially meant an agent superior to Avastin with a more rapid road to approval (and subsequent profits). And the stock popped. With that expectation, the less exciting results presented were cause for the stock to drop. We'll see what the take on today's data and analysis presentation is but I suspect that's secondary to the GBM data which represents the fasted road to approval for any XL program.

      Just to be clear as well, onthejobsf posts more than necessary and repeats his messages for no apparent reason, but for all the grief people give him, they presumably aren't following his advice, and ignore works just fine, so what's the problem.

      Good luck all, no predictions about tomorrow am though the XL oral presentations appeared to be well received.

      The Wiz


      Another poster who is about to tell us what REALLY happened that day in Roswell, NM!!

      I vote it was an ALIEN SHIP!!! LMAO.

      Now let's talk about the grassy knoll...

    • If Sanofi-Aventis willing to back EXEL, I will ride their coat-tails!

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