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  • newheneehetow newheneehetow Apr 19, 2010 10:32 AM Flag

    This company is a "mee too" SCAM

    CEO is a clown.

    All the drugs are 'mee too' drugs which are barely effective.

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    • Ooops wrong stock....but get my point.

    • Now wrote this just 3 days ago...bashing management...wanting to unload....wanting new hype to unload...complaining and worried about Marucci's excessive salary and stock options and you have the nerve to give me sheet????

      I have a valid point about keeping their website current and it just gets back to the common theme that they need to do more on the PR front. All I want is for CLDX to stop flying under the radar.

      Come on John...again you posted this only 3 DAYS AGO. My goodness...don't be such a hypocrite....

    • Thanks I know the tunes, but it was a paraphrase.... thanks for catching that, very few Floyd aficionados in here...

    • Actually, you have to eat your meat to get the pudding.

    • Thank You Thank You Thank You... good to have an uncle like you....

    • Uncle.... Stupid is as stupid does... For a person who knows nothing about me or my motivations, how long I have been in the stock and how long I intend to stay, you talk a lot of trash! I wonder if the ability to come out from behind your screen and face reality has the same motivation for you or you're content in the passive crap and commentary like the fat slob who sits on the couch gorging himself, setting apoor example for his maladjusted kids, abusing hie wife to get him more unhealthy food, and insists on yelling at the TV.... to change the outcome of the inane game that he does not play or ever has, but seems to have a great deal of trash to talk about. ... see any resemblance uncle....

    • its nice to see that someone reads and cares about the facts.

    • It's quite worrysome that the management took so much money out and also there have huge stock option program compared with other similar sized biotechs.

      Right now, I'm under water. Will try to unload when new hype comes.

    • Bite the bullet. What I do for a living is saving lives, not short stocks or make my money here. Coming in at odd hours and random times does not constitute bashing. Speaking the truth does not constitute bashing. Contributing to medicine is a lifelong process and being an insider to the research/clinical process has its benefits. You get to see the bullshit and conjecture that investor discussions bring to the table. The criticism I have of the folks here is that THEY do not have much to do. I come in at random times, leave a snipet and you all blow it out of proportion with your delusional views.

      READ the posts, you will see there are criticisms of approach, choice of direction and fidelity of the pipeline. Corporate citizenship has been lost. Its the hype and promise that colors the millions being poured in, no one discounts that. BUT what has it produced. There are many companies out tehre who have done MORE with much less. The CEO's/Managament teams have been corporate citizens and focused on patients and NOT their own pocketbooks. The CEO/Management cries out that this is being done for patients, then why the $12MM paycheck's???? Take it forward produce quality and cash out on market approval and physician use?... any answers or more drivel???? Check the 10K statements in public record from the SEC, THEN speak! I did.

    • Banziare. You are one slime message board puke. You are showing your ignorance everyday. I read where you said that you are too busy and have no time for postings here frequently. Yet, you come out dashing and with tears in your eyes crying about this CEO's pay and benefits. What have you brought to this stock? Scangos made many deals worth hundreds of milions, better than many CEO'S out in Biotech World. Lets hear why are you crying on this message board daily? Why cry about Scangos pay and bonuses? As far as I could tell, you are on here frequently more than the Investors who own this stock. You obviously have a reason to be here, and it is your short , manipulative interest in bashing EXEL to get a daily meal while shorting.

      Mealtime is done my friend, take a look at todays interest. You only have to look not that far. Sooner you would dissappear and pop up under another Aliase. It iw very well known that every message board have a fulltime basher.

      Take a good look at yourself idiot, make better use of your life rather than bashing medicine. Just hope that you do not depend on EXEL medicine to save your life or your immediate family's one day. It is very painful to have Cancer and die from it.

      Good luck with your good work.

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