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  • kasubbu1 kasubbu1 Nov 15, 2011 7:57 AM Flag

    Money's coming in .....

    adamfeuerstein Adam Feuerstein
    13Fs rolling in: Deerfield added 1.16M shares of $EXEL, sold some $AMRN, took new position in $RPTP

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    • Now THAT's funny! Do you have any idea who DEERFIELD is and why they would get a million shares from EXEL (loan). You people continue to be desperate to find reasons why continuing to hold on to EXEL is such a great thing. Human nature when holding a stock that is under water and the vast majority of people tend to do it...they keep trying to convince themselves why their purchase was a really good idea. Only person in this forum (besides a select couple of others) who is OBJECTIVE is onco.

      EXEL could go to $1.00 and people here would still be posting daily about how great it is...LOL

      Bottom line is the market has priced EXEL where it belongs and the stock remains in a firm downtrend. $3.75 next support level.

    • Janus Capital Management unloaded 426,625 shares.

      I wish I could give a link. I found the information using my TDAmeritrade brokerage. If anyone can find the 13-F form to provide verification, please share.

    • I wouldn't be surprised if MM was hitting the street hard - he's in the best spot - only positive data has been coming out and his stock has just been decimated. If it all goes according to plan, it should be the perfect time for smart money to start piling on.

      The fact that the good news is being largely ignored is perfect for pitching - he has R&D day upcoming as the next catalyst to generate buzz, asian partnership then MTC approval.

      Punishing stocks to oversold territory is de rigour for the street - they just have to create the momentum, get retail to bail, then swoop in for cheap shares. Once the pitching is done, expect a full court press on the PR. JMO - it's hard trying to patient.

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