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  • enabeler enabeler Feb 15, 2012 4:36 PM Flag

    A total sellout-$65Million.

    Now we can concentrate on the positives. Greece is nothing but a case of misdirection of the focus by the perma-bears. When the i's are finally dotted and the t's finally crossed we should see a resumption of the bull market.
    But what do I know, I own EXEL and YHOO. Profitable in both but sweating it out as the market continues to frustrate most of the people, most of the time.

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    • One Year estimated target looks about right!

    • ""A total sellout-$65Million.""
      What's all that mumbo-jumbo work out to? 5 bucks a share?? Company sells out at 5 and idiots are paying 6??

    • Enabler,

      I've been quite busy at work as I haven't really had much time to post on any message board this week.

      I would surely disapprove of your Yahoo position...

      The only thing that was actually going for them was the Alibaba/Alipay situation. Since that went down the drain earlier this week, Yahoo is a turnaround story that might never happen.

      Source: Personal Experience

      I was a yahoo partner with my company from 2004-2011. Yahoo conceded search in 2011, changed a bunch of strategies and monetization of their bread and butter (serving PPC and display ads) went to basically nothing.

      Yahoo used to usually "pay me" more than Google, but in 2011 I was forced to surrender to Google. and leave Yahoo altogether.

      Examples: See Below

      I'm not sure if you or anyone here knows the domain name channel or domain values, however some of the properties listed above values exceed $100,000/on some of the domain properties. Yahoo just pretty much gave up this entire lead generation business.

      These are some example of the 25,000 domain name properties the company I started in college owns and operates.

      Yahoo no longer was willing to work with companies such as mine (to pay a reasonable amount per lead), therefore they all this business mid/end of 2011.

      Now Google powers the advertising platform that manages the back-end of these properties.

      Simply said at the end of the day, Yahoo walked away from hundreds of millions of month page views (ads) per month and gave up this business to Google.

      Unless Yahoo takes more drastic cost cutting and headcount reduction (again), 2012 is going to be a pretty bad year for them.....

      Yahoo = Strong Sell

    • Great news - $65M is nothing to sneeze at. I was a bit skeptical regarding how they handled this at first, with the odd timing, etc., but now I think this may be set up nicely for a run. Fingers crossed. (not exactly classic investment management).

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