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      "Until then all anyone can do is speculate."

      Agreed. But isn't that what keeps it exciting?

    • We are both hoping for the best. I'm waiting for Mid May Abstract releases. Talking to a person I know at Exel today, I asked why this weekends meeting and presentations by Exel weren't mentioned by Exel anywhere. He told me because it's all pre-clinical. He also said they had just been on the road alot and talking to some very big companies and when something is worked out we will all know. Until then all anyone can do is speculate. He also told me it won't be long before we hear some new info.; evidently that would be ASCO Abstracts. He remains guarded as always to protect himself. Have a gd. weekend and keep up the faith. So many sci. reports are very encouraging.

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      Hi Clem,

      Maybe I'm looking at this mistakenly, but my impressions of proven CABO compatibility with established therapies can only add to it's commercial value.

      Compatibility w/o adverse effect would be a hit, but any indication of metabolic synergy with either abiraterone or docetaxel (or both) would be a grand slam. I would think we'd see a commensurate upward valuation of EXEL if these therapies prove effective...and an outright skyrocket if synergy is pronounced.

      Why JNJ as a likely buyor? Why not?
      I would think they'd be on the lookout if only for the bone mets effect. It'd put them into a lot of markets in which they currently have no presence. But, I mention them only because of the recently announced Abby combo trial. Once enrolled & moving, I think this trial will amongst the most watched in the industry.

    • Far fetched picking J&J. It could be any or nobody. All the AACR looks interesting but it's all pre-clinical info.; hopefully it's somehow positive for Exel. The real important info. will show up by mid May. I hope it's great news. Is Nomad still the Madman posting all day and night as if he has nothing else to do with his time? I went beyound putting him on ignore. I removed him from ever appearing. I can only tell he has come back because you mentioned him. Too bad! He is such a piece of slime. He always came across as a self proclaimed expert that knows it all. Only in his mind is that true. Real and respected people that are truly experts are not found on a message boards. They have columns in paper or are on syndicated money program.

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      Hey Nomad,

      Ya know...
      Since CABO's bone mets effect in PC was first made public back in 2010, Street expectations have been in overdrive - and increasingly hard to meet. I will be satisfied if EXEL's AACR abstracts are in line w/ existing data.

      CABO is still "leading the league" in bony mets response, and I can live w/ that for now. I believe the IBIS quantitative CAD imaging studies will make some surprise headway for CABO in the coming year, and I hope we can review this conversation in a year's time as a 3-bagger. If the Abby trials go well...JNJ will pay a hefty premium to corner the frontline SOC...and we can all party hardy.
      Have a good weekend!

    • Wilder...looks like "someone" already got to see what EXEL is presenting and it's a "dud"...most likely meaning nothing of any significant surprise. Lots more shares shorted this week by hedge fund "in the know".

      Have a great weekend, gang :)

    • "Mon, Apr 2, 1:00 - 5:00 PM
      2851/7 - Cabozantinib (XL184) inhibits prostate tumor growth and bone lesion development

      Jinlu Dai1, Honglai Zhang1, Andreas Karatsinides1, Dana Aftab2, Frauke Schimmoller2, Evan T. Keller1. 1Univ. of Michigan Comp. Cancer Ctr., Ann Arbor, MI; 2Exelixis, Inc, South San Francisco, CA

      Poster Session
      PO.ET07.03. Phosphatases and Kinases as Targets for Therapy
      Mon, Apr 2, 1:00 - 5:00 PM"

      • 2 Replies to clemcaldwell
      • Attended this and talked to the lady. It was good data but really boring. There was not much information just some pre-clinical efficacy data and measurement of lesions. Did not allude to mechanism of action. Like you mentioned this is mostly pre-clinical data. However it is really exciting if you understand how the research/pathway is evolving and whether your company has that inhibitor in pipeline/development.

      • "Wed, Apr 4, 11:35 - 11:55 AM
        SY41-02 - Tumor cell effects of vascular reprogramming: Contributions of c-MET and VEGF

        Donald M. McDonald, Harold A. Chapman, Ying Wei, Vikash Bhagwandin, Casey W. Williamson, James G. Christensen, Dana T. Aftab, Barbara Sennino. UCSF Helen Diller Comprehensive Cancer Center, San Francisco, CA, UCSF Pulmonary and Critical Care, San Francisco, CA, UCSF G.W. Hooper Research Foundation, San Francisco, CA, Pfizer Global Research and Development, San Diego, CA, Exelixis, Inc., South San Francisco, CA

        Major Symposium
        SY37. Vascular Reprogramming to Improve Clinical Outcome
        Wed, Apr 4, 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM"

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