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  • joeflow77 joeflow77 Mar 31, 2012 9:55 PM Flag

    Doubling of Outstanding Shares

    so go ahead, dump and leave. why are you posting here if you don't have a horse in the race? you related to gonad? that guy is also full of advice; along with other dross.


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    • $$$$

      Hi Joe,

      Here I am, trying to be kind...
      ...and there you go, sayin' what I'm thinkin'...

      • 1 Reply to wilderguide
      • Wilder, you seems to be a good person. I am not trying to convince anyone here on what to do. Actions speaks and sometimes you must be able to pick up or just leave it alone. I still owns a little exel, and in no way or form that I would bash the company. I will never allow myself to fall for idiots on this messageboard.Yes, I am upset too that PPS have lagged. I am not convinced near term.

        I an no expert, but do trust my insights, yes sometime wrong, but many times right. Good night guys.

    • No disrespect to you Mr Joeyflow. I have owned exel for a few years now. I originally bought EXEL @ $2.99. I purchased and added during the last years. I have no animosity against Cancer developement companies. I do have issues with Capital and Management. If you remembered that BMY returned XL184 a couple years back. There were reasons. I admire exel to take XL184 foreward. Yes I dumped the majority of my holdings due to failure for any partnership , because it would cost shareholders dearly if going alone. It is very expensive to complete the many trials that exel exhibits today. I am for exel in the longer term, not ready to being an Investor at the mercy of dilution. If you have a bit of rationality, you would understand that each drug that reached approvals cost appromixately $800K, think about how many Exel has concurrently. This may help with your hostility.

      I originally owned 30K of exel shares, I dumped 22K in Jan. I still own 8K and will hold on until is see progress. I like what exel have, and never put this company down, reality mustset in that Investors will and must endure markets ups and down. For me, I am not willing to take this ride until I see progress.

      I am Fred, I am not anyone else but myself. I speak for myself. I do not entertain Bashers nor Pumpers. I do trust my tiny bit of intelligence.

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