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  • still_my_dime still_my_dime May 8, 2012 7:38 PM Flag

    Dear Lying Serial Message Board Spammers

    We read your posts all over these message boards - teaser headlines leading to URL's that steal identities and try to sell useless stock market advice.

    It is an open secret that Yahoo gives you unlimited ID's to post, bump and 5* rate your trash, and then has policies to delay deletion so that they can inflate their unique user count.

    But be aware that Exelixis is working on cures for really nasty types of cancer, one of which, unfortunately, I have. So to me, anyone who spams this message board is on a par with a child molester and deserves the same treatment.

    If Exelixis or someone like them doesn't come up with a solution to my specific disease, then statistically within a very few years, I will find myself in a hospice with a heavy morphine drip and my family at my bedside.

    Under the theory that, what goes around comes around, perhaps you will be in the bed next to me (although I don't think you deserve the morphine).

    Have a nice day.

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