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  • mining_phd mining_phd Dec 4, 2012 12:04 PM Flag

    Did I make the right move? Experts on board?


    Yesterday I sold 98% of my EXEL and added 4,000 shares of CYCC to my 12,000 CYCC holdings ?

    I am wondering if that was the right move?

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    • Its your money. The right moves, are always framed in time. I mean if you bought at the low, sold at the high short term, you are a hero. Hope some did that. My take is this. The right move for investors is to do their DD and know their goals and time frames.
      I am an investor here. That means, I did my DD and like the medium and long term. I could go over the reasons why, as in the past, but let this speak to the core issue. Which is, that I see a franchise drug with billions in revenue coming. I want to ride it, and know that there will be volatility ALL the way. BUT, that is the way this sector is.
      Read this quote:
      "“We’re in a very similar place as to where Genentech was pre-Avastin,” says Scangos. “Avastin hit; they did a great job with it; and arguably they made a huge success out of a product that other companies wouldn’t have done as well with. That success gave them the rope and the time to build what is arguably the best company in biotech history. That’s where we are. We’re poised at that moment in time.”
      Now I like that, because it is exactly what I see coming here. What do I care when it bounces around on this or that news and day trading action? I care about being on board situations which move to serious levels from where I acquire. And I see that coming here.
      Did you make the right move? Depends what you are looking for. If it goes to $50 over next 3 years and you are out, what will YOU say? Fact is, you should answer your own question, IF you new what you were looking for in the first place. Me, its big future. Today, its a crap shoot on short term games.IMO LIke I have said MANY times. If you do not REALLY do your DD and KNOW what YOU are looking for, then it will always be a question. If you do know, then it is a matter of over the time frame you have planned for, whether it does what you expect. For me it extends out, while for many its measured in minutes, days or a couple of weeks. Two very different scenarios.
      Now: real investors: its a buy.IMO without any doubt.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • If you did it, why are you now asking if you did right? I realized that yahoo m.b. is not the right site for askin suggestions! Partecipants try only to steal some thousands of shares from each other.

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