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  • uncle_margin uncle_margin Dec 13, 2012 3:59 PM Flag


    Ipilimumab is pathetic, and the docs that are involved in their prostate cancer clinical trials are immoral unethical charlatans.

    I can't identify the exact reasons why I know this as fact, but under oath I would testify about it in a heartbeat.

    Comes mierda BMY, your board of hoes is truly the bottom of the barrel.

    Woe to you, Bristol Myers pigs.

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    • One final thought for the Bristol board of (mis-)directors:

      Let me help you with getting this rusty nail infused prophylactic a little deeper up there for ya...
      I got me a nice big mallot and leverage arm here, let me...

      (aligns leverage arm)

      here it comes....

      (winds up)


      ...SAY "AHHH"!!!


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    • I'm curious if the docs enrolling into this P3 trial are caring about the patients, or is their concern more for filling the trial. I ask because I know of an oncodoc who promoted to a patient that all flights and hotel room costs will be covered as an incentive to enroll (*seriously, he used it as a reason to not trust EXEL, as if they were expected to cover those costs in P2, completely unethical), and used this as a reason to enter this ipilimumab trial as compared with the EXEL cabo P2 trial, and yet this doc did not disclose the P3 risk of receiving a placebo versus the P2 trial with an active medicine. He highly promoted the ipi trial and discouraged the cabo trial. As a doctor, he violated his obligation to give the patient the best information possible by eliminating any discussion on the placebo risks of double-blinded trials.

      True story. I believe that doc's license should be revoked.

      Makes me wonder if BMY pressures all their phase 3 trial doctors in a similar fashion? Or maybe they just choose the docs in an ethically-selective fashion.

      Yes, Virginia, there are unethical physicians in the USA.

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      • Which is why as an American physician I left America to practice medicine in Saudi Arabia. America has destroyed my medical career because I tried to practice honest ethical medicine. But here in Saudi Arabia, I'm being rewarded for being an honest ethical physician and the best part of it is..... Practicing medicine here is free of any "hassle" and other ridiculous #$%$ that the American system puts its doctors thru. Life is now great and I still get to invest lots of money in EXEL stock. Go EXEL.

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