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  • pdt6343 pdt6343 Dec 24, 2012 4:10 PM Flag

    As per Forbes today: there is ONLY ONE REASON INSIDERS BUY...

    zjitters, goofball. MS. Schwab bought 25K at $4.39 2 weeks ago, she's an office as well

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • Fyi, Marchesi purchased another 4,000 shares on 12/20 for a total of 10,000. Previously, he *sold* 7,000 shares back in June so he's not a one-trick pony. ;-)

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      • Not demeaning CABO prospects at all---BUT: This is not holding $5.00 in an environment where they are trading not very far from cash levels valuation wise. Its telling you that its just cycling for endless months while the studies cycle! I don;t play cycling stocks that must wait. When are peopole going to realize that investing these days is synonomous with doing your letters on a typewriter! This is a green bananna totally based on CABO anymore!!

        As a long, one can wait for this to change knowing the company is not going to go broke, tie up your own money, and go take a long nap! I'd rather wait until it does actuallly begin to change from the current.i n an important way from here and there are actual reasons front and center expanding on the current status.

        There is no momo in this to fuel much of anything short of some surprise buyout and I don;t think thats coming anytime soon or it would have happened already. if it happens, so be it!

        Ya got to do the clinical work--its a boring period---I'll check it out later. For now its dead meat to me. You can use your money tied here like a dog on a stake or make money elsewhere and come back with more money later assuming all is as promising in the end in EXEL!

        If I listened to you people and sat in EXEL for the last three-five months, I would have missed a $10.00 move in BMRN! Thats where most my EXEL money went!

        "When your hot your hot now---when your not your not" Its why I don;t listen to you people much past the longer term potential in CABO! The key word is potential and it ain;t ready yet--its latest piddly approval not withstanding. It was only a means to an eventual end not yet here or proven out totally!



    • Well aware of this. It's only been cheered to death by your other pom pom partner.

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