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  • shortsupshytecreek shortsupshytecreek Dec 26, 2012 3:28 AM Flag

    As per Forbes today: there is ONLY ONE REASON INSIDERS BUY...

    Stock heading higher.

    Sentiment: Buy

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    • Please (rolling my eyes): This is not serious insider buying! You can flip this whole insider premise bantored about and ask why ALL insiders at this company are not buying at these prices----all of them! The answer is easy--until you get prostate data this is a cycling under the screen average everyday bio with focus on one spot---CABO---the rest is in stasis or #$%$! it used to be a multi-compound play!

      Look at the CEO of OPK---he is buying so many sheres in his company it appears he is trying to take it private---thats insider buying--not this piddly baloney with associated hyped up article!!

      interestingly enough the two bios PPS are about the same! Right now Idon;t own either! but that will change eventually!



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      • "Please (rolling my eyes): This is not serious insider buying!" At least in Dr. Schwab's case, its an indication of her opinion for the outcome of Comet 1&2. She makes about $400K a year living in California. Realsitically, $108K is about equal to one year's disposable income for her. It's not betting the farm, but it isn't chicken feed either. Of all the insiders at EXEL, her actual opinion counts more with me than that of anyone else and she voted with her wallet. Would I be happier seeing Drs Lamb and Morrissey join the party? Yes I would, but I'll take the present scenario as a positive.

        "it used to be a multi-compound play!" They have gone from having a dozen or so phase 1&2 investigational compounds to having a successfully completed phase 3 and 2 more ongoing phase 3's and another soon to start. There is still the possibility that some of the other partnered drugs may progress further. The whole notion of investing in EXEL pre-184 was that one or hopefully 2 drugs would pan out in large indications. They now have two drugs in pivotal programs, one 100% owned and the other with a copromote option.

        This has taken longer than I expected, but the story is unfolding in a very positive way. The market doesn't seem to care, but I form my investment thesis based on my opinion rather than that of the market.

      • Disagree. Inside buying is just as Forbes says, only existing for ONE reason, and why it is one of the best indicators of them all. Also, you are wrong about CABO being the only thing going on, as there are many other things which any DD will indicate, but CABO is the main focus of course. Is it just any other biotech. No. Most do not have an approved product, with probablility of increased off label use beyond the one condition approved for, and far wider applications indicated in the future from already incredible results. Play it as you like, but I see much higher pricing coming probably short term (but not the basis of my investment), medium term and long term. Year end action means nothing here at all.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Yep, not any real conviction with that buy.

        Sentiment: Hold

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