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  • enabeler enabeler Dec 26, 2012 8:58 AM Flag

    Can you be just just a little pregnant?

    You dolts complaining about insider purchases not being big enough should keep that phrase in mind. Happy and Healthy New Year to all.

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    • Enabler: Give me a break! Who is calling who a dolt? You are sitting here in a bio spinning endlessly on its axis! If your investing in CABO prostate you have invested in a chess game in the first 10 moves---of the sixth game of the first to win 7 games and you ain;t up 6-0! I'll wait until another more moves are completed! Thats the only difference between you and me.

      So if I am a dolt then so are you! Because if you are waiting on some buyout right now you are a plutonium covered dolt! Why do ya think they diluted--because they know its going to spin for quite a while! And if you tell me I am taking a risk being out, then I will ask ya if your alive--because everything is about daily life is wrapped in risk!

      I made $10.00/share in BMRN using EXEL money in the interim because their data (GALNS) was ripe unlkike this)---and if I hadn't moved that cash out of here I would have made little or nothing. What did you do with yours other than stare at it and take alot of Tums!

      You got to know when to hang and when to go take a walk with your wallet! Its not about if the drug is groundbreaking its about the timing! And I will worship doing it my way before i would ever worship your way, because in the past I was you!

      Class dismissed!




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      • Spherical, I congratulate you on your astute trading, the dolt comment was mostly a response to your disparaging remarks wtr to insider purchases. Traders who follow insider purchases are not in the habit of judging the insiders motives(other than making money) or, the size of their purchases.... $50,000 or a $125,000 may not be a lot to you, but could be a major purchase for others.

        I too have traded around my basic position in EXEL and others but calling EXEL's results and data "unripe" is missing the point by a mile and judging the insider purchases reflects your position(short) more than your lack of grey matter. I chose to start a new thread because you were not the only dolt, but thanks for pointing out that you were one of them. Happy New Year!

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