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  • wilderguide wilderguide Jan 13, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Catalent partnership renewal


    On Dec 5, 2012, EXEL announced an exclusive Cometriq distributorship with DSP (Diplomat Specialty Pharmaceuticals} based in Flint, MI. On Dec 7, 2012 - two days later - EXEL announced a renewal of Cometriq partnership with Catalent...a large multi-national global supplier of quality pharmaceuticals.

    Can someone explain why they need both a regional distributor and a global supplier?
    Why the additional local middleman?

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    • Perhaps Catalent doesn't want to get involved in distribution; they just want to dwell in manufacturing and supply to other parties which will distribute the drugs to end points or where needed, like hospitals and cancer centers throughout the world. I am sure they will package the drug as needed. There is no duplication of role. However, I am wondering what role Exelixis play except quality control or monitoring production. It should be involved in the end-user monitoring of drug effects, dosage requiremnt, etc!! I am sure a lot of coordination will be required between the manufacturer, distributor and Exelixis. Of course, more the number of parties involved, more will be the profit distribution.

      If Exelixis joined hands for manufacturing and distribution with a large pharma, it may have lost its own control because the large pharma would keep more of the control. This the Wall Street jerks apparently did not like and, hence, they are dragging the share price down. These jerks apparently are looking for a takeover of Exelixis by their favorite large pharma!!

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      • mruyog, you are way off. It's common to outsource chemistry even by BigPharm. EXEL does not need to worry about drug QC, production, etc. with Catalent. QC is internally monitored and very straightforward - it's chemistry after all - the product is a small molecule. This is very different than manufacturing biologicals (proteins). EXEL will need minimal oversight of QC. Certainly EXEL will be involved in coordinating production and distribution between DSP and Catalent but the bulk of this work will be carried out by DSP and Catalent.


    • Cat. does the chemistry; synthesis. DSP looks to be more of a distributor.


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