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  • mruyog mruyog Jan 17, 2013 2:24 PM Flag

    think its time to depart from this MB

    After reading responses to this post, I can't disagree with you! It appears to have become a platform for fight among bashers and pumpers with questinable honesty. God bless them all.

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    • Of course this is a venue for those who are longs, vs those that are shorts. The question to ask, is not why, why, why, but who states the probable, possible, and likely outcomes. The perspective of course must be mitigated against whether short, medium or long term price targets are being questioned. A problem with many/most boards, is that people mix up all of these. So when you get a short term move, it is thrown out as proof of longs term investors being wrong or right, whatever the case. I am VERY clear, whatever you think the motives are. Who cares, if the information or view is correct? Check out the FACTS. Facts here to check out: cash position vs debt. VERY GOOD, Approval of CABO, and what that means, ALONG with potential for hugely expanded markets. ALL points to huge upside.IMO but a FACT. Partnerships could possible, OUTSIDE OF CABO, produce billions of dollars to EXEL: FACT , everything is looking good. There are NO negative results or big concerns about money or results. They all look good, and balance sheet is excellent. Do your own DD, but the FACTS look great. Thats why I invest. The rest is just fun and games.

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    • Seriously, I've had nomad on ignore for over a year now, every once in a while, for entertainment, I change the settings and put him back on. Just like many on this board I have been frustrated by the lackluster performance of EXEL. I have placed dozens of other crazy (way out) posters on ignore (bashers and pumpers). I check the MB about 4 times daily unless I'm out on the golf course.

      If their posts (or mine) bother you then just put these guys or gals (and me) on ignore, or if you are a long term investor, as many people claim, just stop checking in daily. Life is too short and precious to bother with things that are annoying.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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