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  • jonesdexter61 jonesdexter61 Jan 24, 2013 7:10 AM Flag

    I think we're getting closer-- holding the 4.60's nicely


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    • Other than doing some trading, where I get automatic signals when they drop the price to my stated buying ranges, I now ignore EXEL gyrations. I am positioned, and will wait for the outcome, which I, as often stated, believe will be extremely good for investors. Does the value equation, trigger a run sooner than later, because of news, buyout, analysis or just undervaluation considerations, I do not know. But over this year, I fully expect as has happened EVERY YEAR going back over 10 YEARS, as also noted on this board,(which any look at the long term chart will verify) that the stock will trade and move up to minimum 8 to 10 and probably higher. Why not? The company has excellent balance sheet, cash, no financial pressure at all, huge potential, an approved new product just entering sales, many deals and partnerships all moving along, and trials to expand use of approved drug along with multitude of others. ALL one has to do here is acquire a solid core position at these very reasonable prices, being brought to everyone by some lovely manipulators, who many spend time worrying about instead of taking advantage of them. What difference, other than to all of you short term traders, do any of these manipulations make, other than offer you incredible opportunity? Even astute traders can take advantage! So, are we getting closer to big move up in price? Of course we are. You can guess what close is and act accordingly. Is it a minute, a day, how about a few weeks or months? Or, oh my, is it a year! Either way, if I am right, and it goes way, way, way higher, makes little difference to my life. Sooner is always nice, but patience rewards smart investors, as history shows repeatedly. Trading? Not many rich traders around. A simple fact everyone should be aware of. I do both, and by far my biggest wins are INVESTING in situations just like this and just waiting for things to play out.

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      • Just a note for the detail conscious, and those looking to tell me to get my facts straight. I notice that I said, regarding 10 year pattern, that I expected stock to trade in 8 to 10 range this year. But it may have been confusing with respect to the 10 year pattern. That pattern shows that EXEL has traded without exception above $6. Not in the 8 to 10 range I expect will occur. In my opinion, of course. But the greater than $6 is a FACT, with respect to past 10 years. Check it out, if in doubt.

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