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  • mruyog mruyog Feb 6, 2013 10:40 AM Flag

    EXEL:90% owned by "TUTES", 10% retail & Short interest, good news takes us way up.Hopefully something afoot soon.

    Well the actual numbers are: % Held By Institutions = 58; % Held By Insiders = 27; % Short = 41; i.e., retail holders only hold 15% and that more than 60% of the institutional holding is shorted if one-third of the retail holding is assumed to be shorted!!

    Thus, the culprit is the institutional holders, meaning a lot of EXEL shares are controlled by institutional hedgers OR, in plain English, these shares are a tool of institutional gambling!! "Nomad effect," while plausible, is just insignificant!!

    The question is, why so?!

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    • Correction in the above post: I do not mean what Nomad is saying is wrong; in fact he is very much on the credibility side or being real. What I mean is that his posts on this board have only minor effect, if any, because institutional hedgies do not read these posts. And, the institutional hedgers are the ones driving the share price like a yo-yo. Can any retail holder fight these behemoths? Certainly not. Then, judge for yourself how you want to treat these shares for your investment or even trading.

    • both NASDAQ and Google list EXEL institutional ownership at 90%. How is it that you have the "actual" numbers at 58%? Institutions routinely "lend" their shares for money to people who short the stock. It's a great way to make money while maintaining their long position. pretty basic stuff.


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      • Joe, I got the number from Yahoo Profile. You can verify my numbers again and through other authentic sources to go ahead and correct. Thanks for the response.

        I do not think instituions can lend their shares to retail holders for shorting. Therefore, it must be the institutional hedgers. If you look at the dialy trading volume, it's far too low for any substantial institutional daily trading. Therfore, I believe the MM is playing his game by manipulating retail traders. The latest revelation (yesterday's) of S&P misdeeds is a ground enough to suspect rampant but sophisticated Wall Street underhand practice in manipulating stock markets. And, therefore, I do not think the current-day institutional holders, including MM, are all saints and play fair games!!

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