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  • wilderguide wilderguide Feb 14, 2013 5:22 PM Flag

    Four 13G filings in 3 days...


    For a total of six since 1/25/13. Big name institutions...
    Must be time to sell, right Nomad?

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    • WE do realize that the filings are dated 12/31/12. I may be wrong, but these are year end consolidation filings that the parent entity submits. Companies like Fidelity have numerous subsidiaries that many times are purchasing the same stock. The parent such as a fildelity is merely updating ownership for all it's subsidiaries for the year. The 13G filed last year at this time for 2011 showed 19,452,000 versus the 2012 filing of 29,000,000. Obviously they participated in the share offering last august for some of the 10 million shares accumulated during 2012.
      Just trying to point out that all these filings are not for shares bought in these first 6 weeks of 2013.

    • LOL...WIlder, you're still utterly clueless I'm afraid. Can you say rotation? Nothing more. They have no "special inside info." that is playing a role in some reallocation.

      News Flash genius...Institutional holdings mean absolutely nothing in EXEL. NADA. Never have, never will. Day in and day out...week in and week out...month in and month out...year in and year are here...desperately trying to come up with reasons to convince yourself why "you weren't wrong" making the decision to put all your eggs in one basket with EXEL over three years ago. You've come up with no less than a hundred different reasons to own EXEL on this board over the past 3 1/2 years...all the while you've watched as thousands upon thousands of other stocks have screamed to either new highs or are well above 75% from their multi-year lows...and here you, and the other resident "multi-year perma-bulls" sit with of the select few companies (in a red hot biotech sector) that continues to languish near its LOWS. Well done, Wilder...well done! You must be so proud of yourself...pounding your chest as your feeble attempts to "call me out" because "institutions have added". PRICELESS.

      EXEL's chart remains BEARISH and once again, all the open call contracts were wiped out (quite a run...has been that way for three years..and selling calls has been a nice way to make some vegas $ in between larger money trades of the common) . Hedge fund short interest continues to have the stock by the 'nads and that's not going to change anytime soon per the charts. That's reality.

      With that, I'll leave you to your "eternal ground hog day" stock known as EXEL. You should celebrate with those 13G filings for sure. Must mean something "is brewing"! Go get 'em tiger. GL ;-)

    • All this institutional activity and yet the stock refuses to budge, it is either the biggest headfake in the history of Wall Street or the best deal so many people just ignored.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • $$$$

      ...and within moments a thumbs down...and from whom might I ask...
      Sludgepuppy, mining for a phd, stockmatron, Nomad...
      ...or perhaps all those rolled into one...
      Shorty boys going night-night...

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