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  • wilderguide wilderguide Mar 5, 2013 3:54 PM Flag

    Nomad seems much more credible than...


    ...all the other fungoids that reside in my catbox.

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    • $$$$

      "...all the other fungoids that reside in my catbox."

      Well...NEARLY all...there are actually a couple o' those fungolian schmegmoids that display the IQ and people skills of ol' mining_phd... I was just trying to be kind. Some folks don't respond well to kindness. It's a fact...
      Some folks actually resent being given a kick in the behind w/ a new pair o' boots.

      Another day done. Another great call, Skippy...
      You and Cramer - Cramer & historic pair-up of non-plussed nincompoops.
      Lemme know yer payin' attention - gimme that quick thumbs down, Big Dog...

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