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  • stocklooking stocklooking Mar 26, 2013 12:55 PM Flag

    OT--a question about American culture

    As someone claimed, I am living in communism china and know nothing about America. I guess I am entitled to ask questions about your culture. Let me assume one scenario:
    You hire a janitor to clean up your house. Unluckily, he works for a big thief in town and steals a lot from house.
    What are you Americans going to do with this situation? The answers I heard from this board were mostly like "you can always run away", "if you don't like him, you have the right to leave the house", "I still love this house, hope he is not able to destroy all the fine furnitures. I don't like him, but that's how this system works. Status quo might be the best solution".

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    • Another question:
      Why do Americans vote? If an individual had already known his ONE vote would not really count, why did he bother to cast?
      1) Hope his one vote will change the outcome?
      2) That's the right thing to do?
      3) His self-interest?
      4) His moral duty to the public and next generation?
      5) Don't give up his constitutional right?
      6) Strong personal feeling toward candidate?
      and what else?

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      • One of the things you are trying to do is equate politics with corporate governance. While there are parallels, the two are very different. Politically, yes I do feel an obligation to exercise my right to vote. On a political level I tend to vote my conscience, I sometimes put the good of the country ahead of self interest. Regarding my rights as a shareholder to exercise the right to vote on corporate affairs, I feel quite differently. I vote only if I see a matter of compelling self interest. Those would include proposed mergers and the removal of inept managers through BoD elections. But, the ultimate vote is to sell my ownership in the company, There are many many companies worthy of investment and it is not my inclination or responsibility to retain ownership in a company that needs to be fixed.

    • If MMM got approval for his management performance this annual meeting, is it the failure of American corporate governmental structure, or the American citizen democracy mindset?

    • Nobody bother to tell me the cultural difference between democratic US and communism China? It's your voting season, let me see how you participate and affect the management of your own property. Dare to say one word to your powerful janitor?

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      • I'll tell you the difference: people from China are scrambling to come to the US while no one from the US wants to go to China! Go do yourself a favor Marxist, GO BACK TO CHINA!!!

      • It's not that people disagree with your perspective, it's just that if you're cheering for a team, why are you wasting your time yelling at the other "spectators" and not the players/referees/management? You could spend your time calling/emailing every institutional investor that holds EXEL, the players, and make a difference. You could spend time calling/emailing the SEC/NASDAQ, etc., the referrees, and maybe raise some legitimate points. You could spend time calling EXEL IR, the managers, with whom many people here including myself have spoken to, and possibly get a nugget of information. Everyone here has already bought a ticket and is watching the game - but unfortunately, in this case, screaming and cheering won't do much. However, if you can catch the attention of one player, you could actually create a material effect.

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