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  • milkman92714 milkman92714 Apr 1, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Things Wilderguide and Erniewerner don't want the new investor to know about EXEL...

    Fact: EXEL has a whopping 184 MILLION shares outstanding!! 184 MILLION!!!!
    Fact: EXEL has a whopping $345mm in debt!!
    Fact: EXEL has an operating margin of NEGATIVE 258%!!
    Fact: EXEL has a profit margin of NEGATIVE 311%!
    Fact: EXEL has a current market cap of $840 MILLION (almost a BILLION)!!!
    Fact: EXEL is going to need MORE MONEY going forward..will be forced to issue even MORE SHARES!!!

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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    • So, other than saving us from ourselves, what's your point?

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      • $$$$

        "So, other than saving us from ourselves, what's your point?"

        JMHO - but this milkman guy has got to be some sort of paid cubicle monkey with an agenda.
        According to Yahoo, the milkman, neverlosenyc, and myturdsarestinky69 user accounts were all created on the same day - 3/11/13. They appeared out of nowhere, with no prior posts anywhere, playing it up as EXEL bulls...publishing a bunch of distractive crapola and accusing everyone of having aliases. It's pretty darned apparent that these 3 are all the same distractive source.
        Of the three, the milkman has chosen to hang out here...evolving by the moment into an ever-increasing target for the ignore button.

        The Milkman on EXEL:
        3/11 - "I can't think of a better stock to own right now. You and the others are very intelligent to be holding, that much is clear after reading all your other messages. No way this goes lower. Impossible."
        3/13 - "EXEL is very undervalued here at $4.75. Good blocks bought at ask on L3."
        3/14 - "It is so undervalued it gets my (me?) somewhat giddy..."
        3/15 - "Adding much more here at $4.63..."
        3/27 - "Biotech is all about the science and the people running the company. Charts don't matter. EXEL has a drug that has an "unexplained" bone met thing. That's it for now."
        Clueless blather...Can't we find this guy a job in politics? Maybe mayor of Winnemucca?

        nomad_celsius12 apologized and vanished from this MB on 3/ week after these 3 stooges showed up. I wonder now if he was apologizing for indiscretions past or future...cuz in my humble opinion, his misguided persona has split into these three muskateers that has somehow recoalesced into this milkman moron. I think it's time to vote him off the island.

    • 3/13 - "EXEL is very undervalued here at $4.75. Good blocks bought at ask on L3."
      Can anyone teach me how to get "level 3"?

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Bump :)

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • hello milkman, where can I get level 3 service? thanks in advance.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Look at all the HYENA PUMPERS in "attack mode" because they don't like it when the REAL REASONS their stock can't go up are displayed for all to see!!!!!! They are in a FRENZY!!!!!!

      Settle down guys, your stock is up a whole nickel today!! You should be CELEBRATING not HATING!!!

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

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