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  • uncle_margin uncle_margin Apr 8, 2013 8:52 PM Flag

    Three card monte, you've been had

    Here's the deal, Goldman #$%$ got your money. They have had it since they set it up that Bernanke would print to infinity to prop up the shlock market. They have YOUR MONEY and YOU DON'T. THEY have your money for free, and are using it for trading this whole time. Now, you COULD short against the box, and unlock that capital for you to use, but they know most people won't do that. So they got control of YOUR CAPITAL for free this whole time. While you sit around moaning that EXEL isn't getting recognized, but 'ONE DAY, IT WILL FLY' ------ UH-HUH!!! It will fly after Goldman is done using your money during the bull market and you didn't have it. FOR FREE!!! You got burned!

    and if this is just noise to you, then you deserve to be a lollipop!

    The worst thing is that the Gold-=hoes= are always workin' the believers, who may have good reason, but are trapped by the stock, to watch and wait, and give all their capital away for others to use FOR FREE.

    Think the SEC will help you? HA, they are all former Gold--=hoes= themselves. All still partners, no doubt. Your money is theirs. Does cabo work? of course. Does it matter? NO. You are trapped in the corrupt US stock market. And their is unfortunately nothing that will change it short of revolution, which probably wouldn't be good for any company even EXEL.

    YOU'VE BEEN HAD! Sorry to be the truth-bearer, but the putrid #$%$ is stinking so much lately, it really has begun to chap my hide.

    Sentiment: Strong Sell

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