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  • nomad_celcius12 nomad_celcius12 Apr 22, 2013 11:12 AM Flag

    Earnings release

    Popping in here. My thoughts are there is absolutely nothing to the upcoming earnings release. One only needs to look at the co's history of releases. They do not affect the PPS in positive fashion and there has never been a "big surprise" that so many keep looking for. It's not the Co's. M.O. and this time will be no different, imo. Anyone looking for a "big surprise" on "earnings day" will more than likely be sorely disappointed.

    As for the PPS, it's stuck in a channel after the mini-pattern bullish breakout.. $5.25 being the high end and $4.30 being the low end. Many traders are no doubt playing that channel as there are 20% swings to be made. Buy in the low end, sell toward the high end. Wash, rinse, repeat.

    Dangerous to be long stocks here in general as the market is in the beginning stages of a correction. Great time to be in cash and take a vacation until end of May. GL

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    • $5.25 on the nose. Thanks guys, nice trade :)
      TA is a wonderful thing. Good luck

    • I feel the same. FIrst of all, "small disease" sites like renal cancer don't make much of the "weather" in cancer world if you are familiar with oncology. What would do impact , prostate, breast and melanoma
      but it is too early to report anything from COMET trials since imaging for the trials are every 12 weeks and it has to be at least 2-3 sets of stable imaging to at least see if the drug is doing something for the patients, never mind to analyze. To see the investors conference set up prior to the ASCO abstracts release, is it bit strange, since you already have investors "in your corner" they own the stock, and knowing that the losses likely to be reported, it would make sense to do the conference in the wave of the impressive ASCO news. So I think it is just the hip or some hedge fund "woke up" and do the bidding

    • OMG Nomad would you get over the TA Sheeeet. Its the #$%$ SCIENCE we care about.

    • This could be first surprise associated with earnings is quite sometime, plus their could be some good news around the corner....when you sell, we buy

    • They may probably lay out the plan for kidney and liver cancers trials in the next meeting. Not surprise, but at least show progress.
      How about a big surprise: MM to resign, CFO to jail? If so, you shorts will be burned by this news.

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