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  • beststockstoownnow beststockstoownnow Apr 23, 2013 3:52 PM Flag

    Nothing screwed this company up, it is doing great.

    Of course if you did not play it right in the market, then you might think the company was at fault, when it was your decisions that missed the opportunity. Some of us have done very well on this predictable trading pattern, and establishing core positions with low ACB. All the while things are progressing very well at the company. What is to complain about. Investors win, wrong way traders lose. What else is new???

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    • Oh my, 5 thumbs down, on simple reality post, from someone who has actually gotten this right to date. I guess a few have gotten it wrong, and worse, may even be short this stock. Which in my opinion, is one of the worst stocks a person could possibly choose or have chosen to short. Why?
      Major holders with control, huge potential proving up as NEVER BEFORE. A history, which any view of a ten year or longer chart indicates that it consistently trades over $6 EVERY YEAR as many have noticed, coupled with BUY signals from EVERY major TA study, and chart pattern firmly bullish.
      The company is cash rich at this point, with cash flows looking to increase from sales and partnerships. But the biggest thing by far, is the realization that every indication is pointing towards huge expanding markets for their approved product, with no visible competition that compares. So what do some do? They go short against that history, low historic stock price, and huge short position, with news possible, on partnerships, takeover bids or outstanding results, in a market where some stocks are so overpriced it is hilarious, whereas this is UNDERPRICED. It means, and this is not hype, it is actually the simple truth. The upside here could be a gap up of multiple dollars, whereas the downside is well outlined within the trading range. In fact the upside here is greater than the share price currently by far. The risk/reward so in favor of reward now, that a core position seems obvious, as a jump up could literally occur at any moment now. But certainly within the time frames of any medium term investors. I would say max 12 to 24 months for major move up at the most. Patience for investors here will pay off. Traders, play , but whether they win or lose, certainly falls entirely on their shoulders. I do both. So far good results. We shall see how this story ends. I say $25 plus very realistic here.

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    • $$$$

      "What is to complain about. (?)"

      With regard to Cabo's growing clinical mojo...nothing at all of which to complain.
      But the dilutive path by which this route to clinical success was paved leaves lots to admire. As a scientist, MMM is surely a brilliant technician. However, as a CEO, he has proven himself to be nothing more than another Wall Street muppet. These low-ball dilutions are a farce to behold. You must live on the Moon not to see the lack of regard for vested shareholder value that comes with owning this stock.
      Most long-term holders are probably underwater, and the past two dilutive offerings have been at $4.50 or lower. Probably just about when you bought in...right?

    • Shorts desperate. Stock going up on increasing volume. Crosses all moving averages. Where will it stop?

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