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  • wilderguide wilderguide Apr 23, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    Trap Door at $5.39

    I've been long this stock for a couple of years now, and the compelling trade aspect of this stock is no stranger, by any means. As such, I'm interested in hearing anyone's technical reasoning for this stock maintaining upward momentum through the May ER, webcast, and on into ASCO. I'm mostly a fan of the science, and know little of TA nor do I often trade the stocks I like. Think this one's setting up for another headfake, or are we headed for the real deal? We've already shifted gears into a higher volume, and I still like what I see progressing. What's the current TA on EXEL? Are we to remain rangebound?

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    • $$$$
      Let me put this another way....
      In the current AH trading session, EXEL's last 3 trades were:
      8800 @ $5.16...6997 @ $5.21...and 100 shares at $5.25.
      Isn't that final trade referred to as a "paint-job"...??
      No matter. Guess we'll know in the next couple days...
      Good luck everyone...the next few weeks should provide some entertainment.

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      • "Isn't that final trade referred to as a "paint-job"...??"

        Painting the tape is something that Mutual funds used to do ( may still do?) and they'd do it generally on the last day of a reporting period. If you own a millions hares of something and you can goose its value, and perhaps either your assets under management or more concretely your direct compensation, by buying 10,000 shares at a number above the are deemed to have painted the tape. I have no direct experience with it but I assume it happens, or at least used to happen in the bad old days.

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