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  • cptcrunchie cptcrunchie May 31, 2013 12:42 PM Flag

    How high witll it go before it gets knocked down again?

    It's gone up and down so many times I numb from it now. Who knows - maybe it will stay up but I've thought that before. I know I should sell half my stake but I probably won't.

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    • I would say at the 52-week high of $6.95 next week because of ASCO updates.

    • You answer your own failing here, as I have pointed out to folks soooo many times. ALL you have had to do, is separate a core position, either in another account for discipline, or just in one account. Then trade EXEL on the repeating pattern that stretches back. That means for this trade: never buy above $4.60 and if you are very disciplined under $4.50. You sell that trade at or around $5. You do not get greedy, you have discipline. To date, it would have made you lots, and paid for the core. I repeat: it requires discipline. You stick to the trade, and hold the core. I will not sell the core until this resolves one way or the other. IE CABO makes this a $25 + stock or it fails. Which seems highly UNLIKELY at this time. Why? It is an ALREADY APPROVED product, which means that safety is ALREADY confirmed within the criteria to be met. Add that to spectacular responses, and you have a huge reward potential, with a far lower risk than normal in these situations. The markets are so large for the expanded usage, upside huge, downside small.
      Hold core or play, or do both. Outlined many times here, and to date, 100% correct. EOS

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