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  • urabt2 urabt2 Jun 14, 2013 6:43 PM Flag

    EXEL patience

    I have been heavily invested in EXEl for over 4 years now. I have watched some of my other BTs gain momentaum (SGEN, CELG, CLDX) and provide good returns. I have seen some others stall, even despite good news such as FDA approval (AMRN, ARNA, HZNP) which is very disapointing. EXEL has just been in limbo. I must say, the recent drop in ARRY (following their convert issue which caused its price to drop briefly to and even slightly below EXEL) tempted me to sell off all my EXEL and put it in ARRY. I wish that I did since ARRY climbed 10% during the past two days back to above $5. But I didn't. So, here I am again with my 25k shares of this dog and underwater. I know no one really gives a #$%$ what I do or don't do, but will give management one more year with my money. That should be enough time to see some interim results from Comet 1 &2. After that, either the stock climbs or it doesn't. If it does not, I will move my investment to ARRY or XOMA or something. I really wish that I cut bait four months ago and put it all in CLDX, a name that has moved from $4 to $16 in that period. Thankfully I already have a big position there already. Pardon my drivel, but I need to vent since every index since I invested in EXEL in 2009 has doubled.

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    • From what you just said, you are doing very well IMO. Four years' holding is absolutely long! it is probably longer than majority of the longs here. But it also tell me that you must have a reason still here. Would you mind sharing your reason why you did not move on ?
      One OT question, Had XOMA done reverse split before?

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      • IMO, EXEL = good science+ bad mgt (at least financially). The science plus excellent posts from Ernie, Oncodoc, and Wild keep me interested (maybe only one or two others worth reading, the rest are garbage). I haven't sold a single share yet, and have never shorted a stock in my life (I hedge with long puts but only when my long shares are deep in the money). The really attrocious capital raises are burying us though. Xoma was once a big stock. It nose dived and indeed it may have done a reverse spolit but I can't confirm that. They have been climbing back the developmentn ladder and again have a couple of good indications. I am also a fan of the Baker brothers picks and they have pretty much have all but taken over XOMA and reshuffled mgt. It ran up recently from the high $2s to the low $4s. I will accumulate if it backs down there again. I have been in ARRY as long as EXEL, but I am in cheaper there ($2.65 avg) and have more shares. I have a double bagger there now and its future looks really great right now. But my best is CLDX. I have a healthy holding there of shares and leaps and it is on a great run. My other problem child is AMRN. I think that EXEL can over come its dilution if its results for Comet 1 and 2 are impressive so I am staying put until those results come through one way or the other. GL.

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