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  • beststockstoownnow beststockstoownnow Jun 21, 2013 8:27 PM Flag

    Sing along now "I believe for every drop below $4.60, a profit grows....

    Are these guys predictable or what???
    They play all day, and make the disciplined money. Good for them, good for me.
    Sometimes you have to deviate a wee bit, if you think you see something developing, and keep them guessing. I never post orders in advance, I hit the offer when I want to buy.
    My QID doing great this week along with my options on same, so I sold 50% and am now taking a nibble here. A bit early probably, but I smell something is UP Coming here! And it is all with profits so let her roll.
    Does the market drop more? Possible, but here I can just wait for the customary gyrations to settle and it to head back to $4.80 to $5 + range. Just maybe more, if something is about to get announced. We shall see. Remember folks, I put what I do, with respect to this out clearly, before the results are in.
    Do not get it right every time, but my average is very good to date. Here: I say, play the trade, watch their games very carefully now, and do not get shaken out here from a core position, as someone is definitely accumulating this stock, in my opinion, at this point in time.
    Have a good weekend.

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    • All the games in the world do not mask accumulation here. That is the bottom line.IMO If you are not positioned, get positioned with a core position.IMO Something could happen very quickly, or maybe they stretch it out a bit longer, but this is a buy as I read it right now. Markets tumble, somebody buys up these shares. That is reality. They seem happy to take the shares in a very organized and algorithmic way.IMO Following the same pattern that has been going on for some time, except the volume is starting to move UP. This is NOT a time to sell here.IMO EOS If you think you can figure out the exact lows on a trade, go ahead and try. I am content to continue to build anywhere down here, but have lots of cash to buy any further dips and just wait this out. I see good things right through till year end here, but not so great market wide.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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