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  • urabt2 urabt2 Aug 13, 2013 12:19 PM Flag

    Front page WSJ article

    In today's wall Street Journal, there is a good general article on the advancement of cancer treatment with the focus on treatments targeting specific types of cancers based upon the DNA breakdown. I was very pleased to see in the second part of the article on an inside page that Exelixis and Cabo were specificly metioned in a very positive light. I figured that this is the kind of press coverage which will help the share price. I am amazed that it has had no impact and that the stock is actually down today. It was the only small biotech mentioned. All the other companies mentioned were large pharma for the most part. Very discouraging.

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    • Hey! EXEL made the WSJ again! Page 2. Only this time it was to correct the typo (misspelling of the company's name). Maybe this one will bring a rise in the stock price?? ; )

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    • You do not get it YET??? Manipulated, and as explained many times, as to reasons, and further explained how to trade this based on same by me, what is the surprise. It goes down on up days often, and up on down days. Keeps the manipulators exactly where they want to be. I will not buy this UNLESS at lower end of range because there is NOTHING you can trust here, from the current management, except of course to keep THEIR favored investors happy.IMO of course. And that to make them money, of course.IMO So instead of fighting that, you go along with it, and never let them fool you on your trading side. That means ALWAYS buy LOW, under $4.60 or DO NOT BUY AT ALL for a trade. On the long term side, IF you like the CABO "franchise" you have a position and ignore the noise until the results either prove it up or do not. IT ACTUALLY IS THAT SIMPLE HERE, FOR ME, AT LEAST. EOS IMO

    • Nice pick up urabt2; proof positive that even on a good market day and a positive mention in the WSJ, EXEL can't move because it is being held hostage by a an awful financial decision by MMM and Karbe that lead to the convertible hedge (arbitrage), which will keep it from ever realizing it's true value unless some BP buys it out, but unless EXEL somehow disgorges this ball and chain I don't see any hope for a "market" move. Very sad but it is pretty much the reality of owning EXEL.

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