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  • stockgawd stockgawd Nov 14, 2013 9:16 AM Flag

    Short Interest - Buy Rating?

    Short interest has increased to about 47,600,000 and Maxium upgraded them to a buy rating???? Please explain...

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    • Explain? Shorts can be manipulations, hedge strategies, or simply speculation by a portion, and they can be related to financings, positions held, or even other holdings or deals. The folks here who claim to know, what the shorts represent and the resulting stock action related, if at all, obviously do not know, as their predictions to date, in particular short term trades have been notoriously bad. Its really quite simple at this juncture: Long term looks great for a speculative biotech investor, willing to ride out volatility, which this short term stuff seems based on and is in reality appears to be nothing but seasonal action, market factors and/or various players manipulative moves. On the other hand, the long term potential looks very good, with normal risks, of course, associated with biotechs, but lessened somewhat here, because of already approved indication, (thus safety issues should be mitigated somewhat) and results to date are very good for FAR bigger markets that are targeted with this same product. The coming results should clarify just how good, and whether it does meet the criteria to be marketed for a couple of these huge markets. That is the speculation here by many, including myself, for the medium to longer term.
      So short positions are not necessarily bad at all, and in fact can be huge for upside potential, should they represent people exposed on the wrong side of any good news. And if the news were bad, well they make money, but have already sold, or hedged, so impact in reality far less. In other words they have already sold and that is IN the market already. I like it, regardless of why or whom, in general, except of course where it represents prior knowledge of dilution or bad news.
      Contrasted with upgrade? Upgrades are good, there simply is no way around it. All one can say is, it may or may not lead to more buying. But certainly they do not lead to selling. A simple fact.
      Bottom line here: medium to long term, this has big upside

    • Also, fwiw, institutional ownership has ticked up a couple points from about 83% to over 86%.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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