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  • ulingt ulingt Dec 10, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

    NosePicker61.. you should start predicting the sunrise

    Here is our resident nose picking puppy #$#^%$#$ eating moron’s predictions since 11/1/13. During this time EXEL has risen from a low of $4.75 to $6.00 in just 6 weeks. Hey NosePicker, you probably know this already but that’s a $1.25/s rise or a 26.3% gain. Is it possible the clock went right by 12 noon? It HAS to come down. Genius status awaits you, Keep predicting…You have to love 11/17, 11/26, and 11/27 and 29. Don't cover, it has to come down!!

    12/10/13 - Blip won't last-- even this piece of #$%$ has a few up days-- $4.10 by end of year
    12/6/13 - Market way up-- the grinch keeping us down-- so sad, Holiday drop coming
    12/5/13 - ANother day another loss- this is getting fun again
    12/4/13 - Looks like the grinch is appearing to spoil your holiday cheer
    11/29/13 - False run up. No volume. Will tank just as easily….
    11/27/13 - clearly headed down--
    11/26/13 - No volume small gain-- this turkey is cooked
    11/26/13 - SHort the stock on December 3. That lame brain Morrissey is talking.
    11/22/13 - This little run was fun-- lets get some losses before breaking for Thanksgiving
    11/21/13 - Enjoy the bubble- this ain't lasting.
    11/17/13 - We should see some nice deterioration this week-- dilution by 11/30-- mark it down beast
    11/15/13 - That run was short lived.
    11/14/13 - Enjoy the run up. Will make the drop even better.
    11/11/13 - Lets crack $4.50 this week-- set up a weak year ebd
    11/7/13 - what your wildebeast is not telling you-- more dilution coming-- how does $3.60 sound,
    11/4/13 - Fun times again after a few weeks of false hope for you longs-- I'll take 2% loss per day
    11/1/13 - WHen do we break into the 3's. Certainly by the end of the year.

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