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  • csanderson1805 csanderson1805 May 3, 2014 12:27 AM Flag


    3 to 4 years ago i ran across EXEL when doing a stock search about the time EXEL nsiders were buying. Long story short the bone scans were very intriguing and I have since accumulated what I would say is a large (most would agree) number of shares at a cost basis of about 5.25 The reason for the post though is that during this time I have learned more than I could have imagined about cabo, biotech, how trials work and a variety other very useful information on this board. The likes of Wilder, duck, hhomb, Ernie, onocdoc and other thoughtful posters have provided useful, well researched and unique insights both pro and con. There are not many stock message boards with this level of discourse. As Wilder recently pointed out this board has drawn those individuals who spew nothing useful and are here to generally disrupt. Because I manage money for a living I am in general not able to post opinions but I really miss the people who made this board fun and useful. Maybe onodoc, earnie, duck are out maybe not but it sure would be nice if you came back and shared your valuable insights. For what it's worth I am well aware of the risks in this stock and the story will eventually be told when trial results come the light in my view it is as simple as that. If Wall Street envisions a fairly nice revenue stream we are off to the races if not so be it. With this many indications phase iii and phase ii trials not to mention COBI I would hate to be short my losses are limited in theory yours are unlimited. if thing pops you will be begging for my shares. Mean while it is all trading and noise. Thanks again to those who care about what they contribute. I just want you o know that there individuals who have benefited and enjoyed your commentary.

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    • One of the funniest things about this board is how people seem to think that a. anyone who is short is some sort of plague and b. they think all the problems are due to what they may say or do. Its fascinating. he point they fail to realize if the short position is so overwhelmingly large that it can possible be by the ordinary investor. The short position is a concerted effort by institutional investing entities to remove the value the originally placed in this company. You ask, why would they do that? Because they no longer have the faith this company can execute its business plan as originally intended when they bought their position. Its that simple. If investors here have a problem with that then they should send their hate messages to them. BTW, these entities have far more resources than anyone that would come by a message board and have way more at risk then everyone here collectively to be make bad decisions. Take that for what its worth.

    • Great post!
      We need the real oncology investor to post valuable facts and pro and con on the board!

    • I am new to this board. I would appreciate if someone please give me some more insight information about COMETRIQ. As I just know that COMETRIQ has been approved for treatment of thyroid cancer, and currently in phase III for prostate cancer or other types of cancer, isn't it? When will Exelixis plan to submit an NDA for FDA for a review? I am interesting to jump into this train. Thank you very much for your good information.

    • Please dont mind the shorts, in fact embrace them. If any of the trials are successful, the SP will shoot up because of them covering. So, they can become a utility someday.

      If you have been investing as you claimed to have, then you have the tolerance to ignore the doom and gloom mesaages from short seller.

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