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  • ucla654 ucla654 May 21, 2009 4:13 PM Flag

    Thermo Tech - well under the radar...

    Yes, obtaining info on TTRIF is difficult - unless able to do expert research. Sadly, many on this Board listen to the likes of "Bill_Clovis," who seems reasonable - but whose arguments are Logical Fallacy, lacking in evidence, and there possibly to get you to dump <TTRIF> stock ownership and drive down the price. Using his own argument, "Clovis" might even be working with Ishmail Raidi, the owner of TTRIF, or might even be that weasel himself!

    Disclosure: I had some relationship with a group that sued TTRIF in Canada, over what was believed owed to them. It took many years – but they lost.

    But as part of that, I might have researched <TTRIF>. Bottom Line: TTRIF was a very going concern with more than enough assets to have easily settled any demands. There were references to Royal Dutch Shell, which have since been denied.

    In 1998, Raidi, who it's been claimed was educated at Oxford Business School, went far under the radar – for a purpose. Most obvious, he was being sued and needed to prepare for a loss. Well he won so why didn't he resurface?

    About that time, he perhaps made a spurious but legal deal with Royal Canadian Finance, an unrelated company which may have been "managed" by more of his friends. They'd sign back the paperwork, unrecorded, and with a new front ownership, Raidi might have become invisible. Since then, even his buddies may also have become anonymous: the last time they were phoned they denied knowledge of any of this!

    Do you question Thermo Tech viability based on how they are to contact?! Well, that area of the world has been cutting down forests at an alarming rate in order to plant Palms for biofuel - although TTRIF claimed it was only "waste" products they were using. PETA and other militant eco-groups are very up in arms about this. As a result, the rhino and orangutan populations have been decimated.

    So, would you want to be a public celebrity when many might view you as someone akin to Satan? As such, any deals brokered by TTRIF would likely be as under the radar as possible.

    In fact, if you look for their website, it's been taken down. If you phone their last posted number, it's disconnected. If you go to there office location: LG-EW & 1F-EW Block A / PJ Tower, AMCORP Trade Centre / No. 18 Jalan Persiaran Barat / Malaysia -- there might be just one young Malay girl sitting at a desk doing nothing. So where is Raidi?

    I can't tell you that but anyone clever might figure it out. Where is the plant? Again, I can't tell you but a quick $200 local investigator might, uh, "dig up" something. :-)

    And if you find a biodiesel recovery plant, will someone tell you who the owners are? Doubtful! You'd have to go back to court and then a judge might put a gag order on making that info public.

    Why would TTRIF prefer remaining on the Pink Sheets?! This way they aren't obliged to file disclosure with the SEC. In fact, one shouldn't be surprised if, without prior warning, this company went Private. After all, anyone can buy it for a song at current prices, which are less than 1% of what might be construed as a Valuation.

    The rest is up to you. You can listen to "JennyMama" who might want a lower profile as she might be too close to the truth. Or listen to "amytye" who seems to remain neutral but can verify her claims. Or listen to "Bill Clovis" and wonder who he really is and what his agenda is.

    In any case, I’m not advising you to buy or sell anything! For no reason, I've a dislike for someone who might be named Ishmael Raidi -- and wouldn’t like him to succeed by buying up a controlling interest in the public stock for nothing. Do your own due diligence! None of what I say here should be construed as legal or financial advice.

    Good luck.

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