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  • phoenixsun8 phoenixsun8 Jul 9, 2013 3:33 AM Flag

    New Invetsors - Updates??

    I'm trying to get a better handle on ETAK, but don't have some answers like:

    1. What is status of FICO? Is there a master agreement yet? How many banks are now using VS?

    2. What happened to Utiba and Spindle? Both were announced a year ago.

    3. I've read something about some teaming agreement? What is that and does it exist or not?

    4. Why have so many previously announced deals never come to pass?

    5. Does ETAK have any customers or business in US?

    I presently hold a small position, but don't really understand this management teams limited communication.

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    • 1) FICO is a partner of ours through their merger with Adaptra.....We have 2 banks on the system through the Adaptra partnership (FICO). A third bank in UK is the worx. A US bank has signed MOU and is currently waiting on regulatory approval to deploy VS. That's 3 Banks signed, 2 deployed, 1 that we know of near signing.
      2) Both are partners and we are working deals in combination with them. Utiba has integrated our system and offers the services although I am not sure how much we have done for them yet....should get some update on that front this Q. With regards to Spindle...there are a lot of interests there and in worx.
      3) ??
      4) You have to understand telecom and has a very long lead time. We have been tripped on a couple of deals but most of what has been announced has or is coming to fruition.
      5) major bank currently waiting on regulatory approval to deploy VS. We are also set to close MVNO business here soon via our purchase of telenocity (sp?)

    • stock is broken. Great value at these levels. Reason its broken is cos of mismanagement by the CEO. That said he put in $4.5M of his own money in the 60c range (speculation: did he drive the price this low to get a sweet heart deal when he had MANY options to raise money for a LONG period of time at MUCH higher levels - I will leave that one to the SEC).

      Still - putting in $4.5M is a solid and positive statement. 7 continued qtrs of good growth. July earning call should tell us how Q2 went. CEO of Latin America teclo went [public (finally)

      This company had a valuation of $4 SP on 10% of what the company has now

      This is a steal. When it wakes up it will wake up big from these levels

      When? Could be next week, next month, next qtr

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      • rqtect Jul 9, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

        CEO is NUTS Or the worst CEO since HP's Last CEO. He is at best a car salesman who scamed a CEO postion of a company that could not fail till he came along as soon as he is gone stock will rocket. until then pennies or Banko If you bought Sell if your thinking about buying give your money to charity.

        Sentiment: Strong Sell

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