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  • havnfunnothavntoworknomore havnfunnothavntoworknomore Dec 6, 2004 8:46 AM Flag

    Oil In Nevada

    I'm starting to hear about a new Oil Find in Nevada. I am wondering if it is FX's.
    I have heard it is of a good size.

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    • Morninreport and settheslips moved to San Fancisco and got married. They are trying to have children but can't agree on who is to be the mother.

    • stunde_null51,

      I am aquainted with members of the FX mgmt team (and others who know them) and the Nevada deal is real. They just have not gotten to the point where there is something definitive to disclose yet.

      Long and Strong on FXEN....would NOT want to be short right now.....

    • Do you know who your friend is talking about? Can you ask him who you might talk to to get some anwswers? We have no evidence that this is FXEN's biz so why post here?

    • If you are indeed correct about the Nevada discovery, then FX more than likely is involved. Mackoil is a private company and operator of the wells being drilled. I heard that FX is their 50/50 partner.

      If this is true, where will the stock price go if there is:

      Announcement of Nevada discovery
      Announcement of S well discovery
      Announcement of R well discovery

      All within the next month, with the S well announcement due at any moment!

    • What are the names of companies that have an interest in this well/property your friend mentioned?


    • I know it has been a long time and we have heard nothing from the company or the press, but my reporter friend told me yesterday that the wells were being tested and that it was going very good.
      He said the company that was doing the drilling is not a public company so they are no used to dealing with the press. Getting them to give him information is difficult.
      In spite of that, he said the unofficial word he is getting is this is the largest oil find in NV in some time.
      He thought news would be out shortly.
      Take that for what you want.

    • I would also like to thank the experts on this board. I got in this on a mo mo move and got stuck. Decided to see what it was I owned. I have since increased my position by a factor of 10, actually more if you inclde my options.

    • Good to hear mornin' is doing well.
      Sure miss his kind but salty answers to the
      questions I posed. Bless all you folks 5 years back for
      your kind answers to a someone who did then and still knows nothin'.
      I wouldn't still be on the dance floor without you guys.
      Good Holidays and Luck!

    • dudog... As you say, Knife7 is a veteran poster. I've seen his posts, as well, and respect him.

      How do you know this is Knife7? He always signed his posts, to recall it. Why not under this alias until he was challenged? In any case, the similarity of tag-team bonne & havnfun begs for comparison.

      With that said, where's that promised flare! :-)


    • Quite the opposite, he (he had or has 2 handles)is busy selling little pieces of the planet complete with a dwelling. He's also doing music reviews where he apparently continues vent his spleen on the unsuspecting. He is long FX but doesn't visit the boards much anymore.

      Whatever happened to okieoilman? He was a helluva cheerleader back in the Wilga days.


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