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  • lettitgosam lettitgosam Jun 13, 2005 1:08 PM Flag

    Reserves only 220 Tcf

    Poland is not going to allow FXEN to have all the gas. Must split it with PGNiG.

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    • At your request, I have re-read your message (#23738). It is a reply to "Arktic". But you want me to believe that you weren't referring to me in the message. Your logic defies common sense.

      But why should I expect logic from a short when you (plural) haven't been using logic in most of your (plural) propaganda posts.

    • Nice post buffet.

      I do place zero value on possible gas prospects when the stock market values the company more on current fundamentals than future fundamentals.

      This can be summed up as HOW MUCH premium do you want to add to unproven reserves in a given period of time.

      When Z was being drilled in early 04'...FX was a story stock that placed a huge premium on future prospects. As 05' rolled around and R did not have the 1 Tcf like Richard suggested it did...the stock "began" to be valued on current probable/proven reserves. This trend continues today.

      I've been generous to be forthright in my last post to say that I believe FXEN will become a story stock again in 2006...and once again get overvalued again.

      Not trying to make friends here, so I don't care of your criticisms toward me. Take your punches. I think its better to discuss out loud all the pro's and con's of a stock. Regardless, what anyone here thinks...none of us has a clue where or when this stock will bottom at. Technicals help, but are not perfect. I've said where I expect the bottom to be...5.20...later this year. If you add cash, you get 6.00. Frankly, I think there's better support at 5.00.

      That's where the sell rating comes from. If it helps you sleep at night I also have a long-term 18-24 month strong buy rating with a 20-25 price target.

      The stock market and mm's will shake the tree hard so they can accumulate (or facilitate covering) if they believe/know a stock will run. For those of you that can withstand the selling pressure to 5.00, that's terrific. For the vast majority of longs who believe the stock will go lower as year-end approaches because of PGNiG ipo delay; FXEN drilling schedule delayed; or tax loss selling...don't be surprised if they sell now, and buyback later at a lower price. Of course, they will never tell you the truth on a public message board.

    • Great Post! Contrast what FXEN's management is doing with their stock to what Chesapeake's(CHK) is doing with theirs.

    • My spelling is precisely the reason engineers invented spellcheckers.

      As to your question: The one who developed the models and equations for fluid mechanics.

      Notice the ad hominem insults. Yes your true colours are on display here.

    • Which famous Bernoulli did you befriend? Was it Daniel, Johann, Jakob or Nicholas? Unfortunately, your vaunted association, separately or no, with august intellects failed to lift your spelling ability.

    • Bingo Buffie, now they need to start drilling.

    • "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

    • Your sentiments are definitely understandible. Only "defense" I would offer to any of your comments is that getting drilling machines is tough (not many out there) and unlike most of the US roads in Poland aren't great if they even exist. Add to this that allowing the geologists time to evaluate what is learned in early drilling experiences and the delivery sice time to figure out how to set up distribution pipe from discoveries is in investors best interests and I thus would argue the pace is appropriate for now.

    • Bernoulli was about liquids (including air) and what happens when it moves faster - namely it is subject to icing as it gets colder. An apt analogy for your post - glad you have a sense of humor about yourself.

      However, you obviously don't do your homework. 33k not 66k shares were sold after the announcement while sales by Pierce (26k) occured earlier. Hardiman sold 5,000; Maciolek sold 8,500 and Duncan sold 17,500 and donated 2,000 to charity for a total of 33,000.

      These were all done according to planned sales (so called 10b5 plans) filed in Janaury, which is probably why you saw as double - pull the Form 4 reports if you don't believe me.

      Hardiman and Maciolek sold stock options so they netted (after tax) a small percentage of their salary. Hardiman about 20K, Maciolek about 35 - one of his options was at a higher strike price (just below 6); Duncan outright sold but he remains the third largest shareholder while Pierce remains the second so it seems unlikely they sold because they lost faith!

      So I wont label you a terrorist or even a moron, just lazy. Either that or you have an agenda and hope no one will call you on your statements.

    • Either you should reread my message to Letigosan, or consider a remedial reading course. I never mentioned you diectly. Of course I'll let the reader decide whom on this thread would likely label a contrary opinion as a terrorist.

      Ok so the Sroda announcement was made on 4/21, and on 4/27 - 4/30, over 66,000 share was unloaded by Pierce and Duncan. You clain that this is merely coincidence and preprogrammed timing, I see this as their avarice.

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