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  • spaticuss spaticuss Jan 13, 2006 12:21 PM Flag


    Read zzzclay's post. It is clearly nonsense and events have proven him wrong. Yet still his idiotic post gets multiple recommendations. This is one of the things that I have noticed about this board, namely: stupid posts from stupid long supporters always get recos. JM Dutton, this mb ...there is something wrong with this stock.

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    • ROFL You might specify which post of mine "is clearly nonsense..." And if it is getting multiple recommendations and your posts are not it is pretty strong evidence that your perspective of right/wrong, stupid/smart is just a bit off base, isn't it...? My advice - see a therapist.

      PS If you were referring to my post yesterday mentioning the high volume and MM shenanigans, yes it is continuing again today... You can deny it all you want, but MMs can and DO play games with equity bid/asks by stretching the bid/ask spreads as much as possible, accumulating shares in their own accts, etc.

      PPS Please don't cry when this factual, informative post gets more recs than your pointless, sour grapes, whiney posts.... ok?

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