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  • bernoullisfriend bernoullisfriend May 15, 2008 4:14 PM Flag

    What if Grundy hits?!

    Oh! we're back to where Arktic left off. The Pumpers are baaaaaaaaaaaack!

    Well gentlemen, for the benefit of those with short term memory loss here's a link to consider:

    The point of this is to show that DP & TL are incompetent at best, or serving in their own selfish interest.

    Actually the effect of a duster could signiificantly lower the share price.

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    • Thar seekingalpha article is interesting. Not the first time BOD nonindependence has come up though; here is a repost of a few years ago:

      In the 10K I noticed that past stock options for Fxen's officers/directors were granted on April 5. Now typically companies grant these things around the same dates every year. The grantees always *hope* there is a dip in the price then because they will get more options or get them at a lower cost. Most grantees however are not in a position to manage the stock price at that time.

      I will reiterate my concern that the BOD is too insiderish. Investors need a board with some perspective other than management's, and this BOD does not have it.

      Puttster, April 5

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