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  • smoothfishy smoothfishy Jun 24, 2008 8:49 AM Flag

    Bachen shale.

    I had no idea how much land they had there, I thought this was mainly a Wyoming gas play? I thought the Bachen stuff was a small piece of the pie! I need to do more research, that helps explain why this is running so hard. Anyone know how far that 10 or 12 million in cap spending will go this year in drilling this area?

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    • I have some answers for you. My husband is a directional driller working in the Dakota region, and prices out all the work for Hess, Marathon, EOG, etc. You can expect at least 3 to 4 million for the drilling and frac job, the fracs are getting very expensive and complicated if done correctly. I do have to add that the horizontal drilling has to be done exactly in zone, too far up or down will yield a lot less production. Not an easy task when you are 10,000 feet down and 10,000 feet out horizontally. You also have to imagine that below surface is not identical to above surface, lots of dips and dropoffs that need to be judged and drilled accordingly.

      Yes, Dunn County is going to become a big oil play, not only the Bakken but the Three Forks is being tested. All of western North Dakota is oil, Mission Canyon, Red River, Duperow, Interlake, etc. etc. The Bakken is just one of many.

    • Hey, oil genius; that's "Bakken"

    • I belive you mean Bakken