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  • melz99nyr melz99nyr Mar 5, 2012 9:59 AM Flag buy buy...........this is where it gets fun.

    i think the report indicated they covered most of their short position which is a positive for the longs. please post the info you are referring to. or you are just a short trying to scare us longs with more of your BS. i am buying more down here today.

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    • No, he is referring to the stupid seeking alpha article that is giving us a history lesson instead of current events. The article gives information on Fidelity change in holdings and mentions KOG as a holding that they cut.

      The 13-F is for the ending date on 12/31/11. Which means Fidelity sold most of their Kodiak shares sometime in the 4th quarter prior to any company updates from Jan-current.

      They also dumped their shares prior to the recent runup and subsequent decline. In summary they sold their shares at a discount to the current pps.