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  • bluehorshoe007 bluehorshoe007 Oct 11, 2012 10:31 AM Flag

    If Romney gets elected..

    PLEASE America, wake up and realize that Obama has, in 4 years, cost us jobs, beat up the economy, increased debt, and taken away liberties, action that we need to stop. Please vote and vote to give the country some real hope and change!

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    • Typical Republican comment with no arguments to substantiate the point nor acknowledgement of the conditions when he took office. REminds me of the Republican "Death Suad \" arguments till they finally realized they were too absurd for anyone to be;lieve!

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      • No substantiation.....
        Lets see, over 8% unemployment for HOW MANY Months.....thats the jobs part of it and speaks for itself. Those people who are out of work would say there is little hope and no change. Along with this the economy due to people being out of work has hit rock bottom in many areas across the country and people are desperate for work.
        Entitlements have increased drastically, and we continue to encourage this rather than discourage.
        As for loss of liberties. Anytime govt. increases in size and policy the constituents lose something.....1).money through taxation and2) health care, which I have now lost control of and will continue to lose more as the plan tumbles into those similar to Europe and Canada where health care is bogged down in its own mess, 3) the ability to decide for yourself, not have a govt intervene to do this. Not too mention that it will NOT decrease the cost of health care as has been proclaimed.
        I could go on.
        4 years is enough to see some kind of hope and change. Didn't happen, not going to let 4 more years be squandered!

      • hey asflaswamprat..when Reagan took office after the joke Carter,.,things were alot worse.interest rate 16% for home mortgage...unemployment rate 10.7% no defense as it had been cut..Reagon came in and went to work..he didn`t cray about how bad it was coming in he didn`t try and blame Carter for his mess..He got umemployment down to 7% interest rates were down to 10% after 4 years..then he was reeclected and really turbo charged the enconmy. Obama had 6% umploymant when he took the its over 8% Obama has also incresaed our debt by over 6 trillion..thats 2 times what bush did in 8 years..god help us if he gets in for another 4 years..theres also a huge increse on people getting gov aid now...Obama loves that as he figures they will vote for him..Obama would love to have 80% of country on gov aid..via food stamps or welfare. So stop trying to make excuses..Reagan turned things around what can`t obama do it??? I know he is a socialist..he was even caught on tape saying he wants to figure out how the gov can redistribute the wealth. So in other words take from those that work hard..and give to those that just want to sit at home .There is a tipping point..can`t have 20% of population supporting 80% of population via higher taxes.Thats what he is trying to do.

      • Romney up in the polls, Obumer down......looks like the message is getting actoss and people are hearing and realizing the truth. BHO could not get it done in 4 so why give him 4 more.....