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  • bluehorshoe007 bluehorshoe007 Oct 15, 2012 3:03 PM Flag

    If Romney gets elected..

    What was just as bad......Reagan's term in office was very successful!

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    • If you measure success by the amount of money borrowed to run the nation, Reagan was the most successful in 200 years. No president increased the national Debt, per year, as a percentage of the previous debt then Reagan. We haven't paid any of it back yet!

      Debt increase as an annual average:

      Reagan: 23.9 %. Tripled the debt.

      GHW Bush: 13.9%. Almost doubled Reagans Increases in only 4 years.

      Clinton: 4.4% per year increase. Left with a balanced budget, surplus applied to the debt, a booming economy and had increased taxes on the top 5%. Unemp. at 4% or less.

      GW Bush. Afer inheriting the above he cut taxes needlessly, started 1 war to 'Show his daddy he is better than him.' Started another unfunded war. off the books of course and raised the debt an average of 11.1% per year.

      Tell me again how great the GOP/TEA is for you!!

    • It was successful because he spent tons of money fighting the code war and increasing the dept. When you spend everyone is happy, until the bill comes.

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    • Actually, I remember Regans terms. No one liked him till he got shot. Then everyone loved him and went with whatever he said. You seem to be posting whats known as Revisionist History.
      In regards to Jobs. The country has added 5 Million jobs over the last 31 months. If that is duplicated and there really isnt any reason to believe it wont, we will be at a solid 6% unempoyment. We were losing 800K jobs a month when Obama took over, thats been stopped and reversed. You cannot argue with the charts, if you do, your ignoring logic and Im suprised you invest in the market. I always make more money when Dems are in Office.

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