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  • bluehorshoe007 bluehorshoe007 Oct 18, 2012 3:59 PM Flag

    If Romney gets elected..

    Oh Mitch, its close to the election and you are really grasping at straws to try to keep your man in office. He has no business sense lets face. Obama couldnt create a publice sector job to save his office. Its proven. There are more people not finding work for a longer time than this country has been subjected to in a long time. He had a chance to create a boat load of jobs and turned it down when he blocked the Keystone Pipeline, just as a single case in point. Go home to Illinios BHO, and let someone who can work with and help businesses, especially the small businessman into the presidency!

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    • Pretty well said 007, jobs were something Obama was suppose to be good at. But govt jobs aren't getting it done, and he hasn't produced a public sector job since he started his term. Tax, spend and make govt bigger. A great plan if you live in Europe or Canada, but NOT what is wanted here in the USA. Lets keep the govt out of our lives and leave the decisions to the people!!!

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