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  • michaelkosanovichkosanovich michaelkosanovichkosanovich Nov 7, 2012 3:25 PM Flag

    dont be a fool.


    Jack Welch really? hhe has become anothe huckster not to br belived. Try thinking for yourself,

    This topic is deleted.
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    • I do think for myself.

      Dont like Jack so much since it seems contrary to your post a bit, then, about the EIA?

      Do you like EIA's data better than Jack Welch's interview?

      Did you even watch that interview?

      Do you know anything about KOG, the 2012 exit rate, or are you just interested in finding some kernel of data to create some concocted negative spin?

      Do you really believe that there is an oil glut?

      EIA seems to think WTI prices will be a slight bit lower in 2013 at an average of around $88.29/Bbl (I think that was the number), so, KOG should do pretty well.

      Hmm, all the way from $92-$94 to average price range to the $88 range ....Wow.

      So where is the glut?