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  • lexpress56 lexpress56 Dec 22, 2012 11:12 AM Flag

    Can everyone refocus on KOG please?

    This is a bad morning. Look at the last 50 msgs and everyone is arguing politics rather than discussing anything involving KOG. I love it when I can access a msg board and learn something about the company. In contrast, I hate it when I get on and there is a bunch of inane discussion between the far left and far right posters with their incessant name calling approach to commenting on the merits of others' views. Can we please get back to a focus on on KOG? Your thoughtful consideration of this request without calling me a bunch of names is appreciated. Lex

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    • 1775navy Dec 22, 2012 12:30 PM Flag

      Welcome LEX.There are some politicians here and they are like the ones in office,They dont know a damn about what they talk about.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Good idea............. It was starting to sound a little like the LINE board.

      The LINE board was once one of the most helpful boards and some posters there miss the help from people like Jack who got a bit tired of the OLB and all of their board-games.

      I still think that KOG will get bought based on what I saw happen with BEXP.

      KOG is now producing more than BEXP was producing when they were bought by Statoil.

      I expected BEXP to be bought but I was incorrect about who I thought the purchaser would be, and thought it might be someone like Hess....Ooops, it was Statoil.

      I am probably going to be wrong again but, if I were to guess about KOG,

      Maybe LINE since they are the only MLP/LLC, E & P who is large enough,

      XOM because they are already the operator for the KOG non-operated wells,

      maybe Continental Resources because the Charlotte (BIG-big/humongous!!) multi-well pad is very close to one of the KOG acreage blocks and they may want to add right in that area.....

      So, those are my 3 guesses.....

      And, I do not know about the timing.......any thoughts?

    • Sure. Let's talk about how cautious (even nearly a warning) they were on their 2013 guidance.
      I think they are really nervous about lower oil prices and are preparing for the worst.

      The fact that they are only planning to have daily sales throughout the whole year in the range of their exit rate this year as also telling - that decline rates in the rest of their wells is huge.

      • 2 Replies to rlp2451
      • This is what you wrote (below) AFTER I said that I knew about as much about BEXP as I know about LINE....which you also know is clearly more than you know..... about either one since I had to explain how Linn Hedges so that they can still add profit while being 100% hedged, to you a few times before you got it....forget that too just because you finally understand it?

        You seem to be bashing over here with gusto....kinda like you did last year over at IVR.

        You also sound like you are wasting your time.

        here is your post filled with things that you just made up, and that you know are false, so everyone should notice:

        "You had no clue that BEXP was looking for a buyer so you didn't know anything about them.

        Why don't you do a little more DD maybe you'll learn something. Or don't you want to?

        Why do you keep bringing BEXP up al the time if you aren't comparing it to KOG and want KOG to bought out for less than it's high?

        Are you short KOG? How many shares?

        Do you know WHY BEXP didn't have access to additional funding to develop the property themselves?
        I thought not. See if you can find out."

        Lots of self serving nonsense.
        You think no one notices?

      • On this:
        "Do you deny that BEXP had put itself up for sale? Do you have evidence that KOG has?

        BEXP stock price was higher earlier in the year and sold for a lower price. Are you saying that KOG could be sold for less than $9?"

        Do you have evidence that KOG has? but the CNBC video from March, 2012 discussed it at length....


        "Do you deny that BEXP had put itself up for sale?.....where did you get that info from specifically.....I did not know about that and do not see how it is relevant anyway....they did get sold.

        "BEXP stock price was higher earlier in the year and sold for a lower price."

        Since I already told you that what you wrote and now changed is false and you merely repeated the false claim without substantiating it.

        Prove what you claim.....I remember selling BEXP just under $36.50 and it jumped from the twentys into the $36 range.

        I can go check the actual numbers but there is little point to it because of the next stupid comment that you made:

        " Are you saying that KOG could be sold for less than $9?"

        More of RLP-placing words in other's mouth again, twisted to try to portray the point of view that you prefer.

        More RLP-Shuffle?

        I do not think what you wrote....maybe you do?

        I think that KOG will continue on the planned growth trajectory and will be headed higher because, I think that it will beat target exit rate production numbers for 2012.....and maybe also for 2013.

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