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  • kogdriller1 kogdriller1 Jan 25, 2013 10:48 AM Flag



    quick all you know it all longs read the latest motley fools post .all that i have been saying about for the last 3 months have been seconded. i know you all will say that the fools know nothing but those numbers dont lie. what a laugher THREE STOOGERS some how that sums it up. here we are back in the 8s and falling, this is not an echo oil up market up kog down. the level 2 book shows it every ask is higher than the bids. i especialy like the part about the dumping of insider shares since nov. every day the at close time and sales shows the close trade at aprox. 700 to 900 k in dollars times 5 times 8 weeks is160 mill. if i thought all was well at kog and this earnings was going to be great i dam sure wouldnt sell off at 9.00 a share aprox. this was bad for my buy this dip and score on the earning bump, i guess i will sit on my hands , because the whole market is ready for a major pull back, all i can hope for is that drop to come before next thur. and this will have a 5 handle good or bad number be dammed. this is the all cash wish list. 1. a major pull back. 2. the giant glut of crude, causing a 10.00 drop of barrel price. 3. a bad number from kog. how do you logs like those calls? as it falls the #$%$ will be thanking kog for another great bying oppertunaty. i got to stop here because im laughing so hard i might pee my pants HAVE A NICE DAY. dam im smart!!!!!!!!

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