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  • dhdhoora dhdhoora Feb 21, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    Kodiak Oil & Gas Corp. Announces Year-end 2012 Proved Reserves and Provides Quarterly and Annual Sales Volumes

    Gosh, I hope that all who are sincerely interested in fundamentals will check out the latest operations release! Everything looks very strong and extremely encouraging. Costs going down, sales prices firming, pilot programs well underway... 1260 proven locations... PV-10 now @ $1.9B! Uh, a lot of good stuff. If I were short KOG, you might want to re-evaluate your position...

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    • Great report. Buying under $9 is an unbelievable opportunity. The report pretty much told you everything your going to hear on their earnings report. With this 2 day correction in the market it is the perfect opportunity to invest in a company that is going into their prime season and was driven down by the overall market and not the results of a good report.

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    • KOG is a joke higher production higher revenue more reserves and making .01 per share, how pathetic. I bet you they report a loss for last quarter and it will put this pos right in the 7's.

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      • dwtreturns69...

        IMHO, KOG is managing CAPEX and cash flow, continuing to improve infrastructure, growing engineering, expertise and proving holdings. they are hardly worried at this stage of the game about 'profits'. They will take care of themselves if the aforementioned list is handled successful. If you're looking for 'profits' in the short term -- you might want to invest in the more mature drillers or larger integrated producers...

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    • I'm surprised that they only had a 15% increase in sales volumes over Q3. At a rate of 15% it's going to be hard to double sales which is what they said they expect to do in 2013. And the price of crude oil received was escentially flat even though the price of oil was going up during much of the quarter.

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      • Stock...
        Point is understood. But they had a 23% increase in production volume -- but a whole lot of gas is still going up in flames. I suspect that as infrastructure continues to improve, this heating of the atmosphere will be significantly reduced! Also, daily production in December was over 21K -- so it sure doesn't see too big a stretch to hit 31K 2013 exit rate! Remember sales figures have a pretty significant lag to production...

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    • Don,

      Definitely...bluelight special...perfect op to add to the pile.



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