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  • bobfromupland bobfromupland Mar 4, 2013 11:24 AM Flag


    Since numerous reports I have read have clearly stated that all the oil coming through Keystone will be refined along the Gulf and exported, I keep wondering why this is such a big issue. Granted, some jobs will be created building it, unless TransCan asks the Chinese to build it and the refiners will be making a lot of money refining it and then selling it, but why the emotions involved? This is not a critically important project for our economy and national security. In the end I hope it is built as anything good for the U.S economy I favor, but this project has brought out such hatred, over what?

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    • "...this project has brought out such hatred, over what?" Bob, it's the usual 'hate the black guy' crowd. When you see Kenya references you know that's what you're dealing with. You must not stop in here very often.

      I guess no one here noticed that two oil execs played golf with President Obama when he played with Tiger Woods recently? I've said it here before, it's laughable to suggest that Obama is an environmentalist. The state department report provides cover for Obama to approve the XL project. The report even ignores the real issue most environmental groups have with the XL pipeline, that it will make dirty Canadian tar sands oil economically viable to produce and will lead to increased production of it. It seems obvious now that XL will be built. The fact that the administration buried the report (releasing it Friday evening) was a tell.