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  • uwin2day4gd uwin2day4gd Apr 10, 2013 10:37 AM Flag

    The con game of fed free money is going to end

    Sooner than later.a freefall of 40 % on the Sp 500 by the fall for a correction is presumed.There is a growing pool of oil on the futures exchanges.All good things must end and this is not going to be a happy ending.

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    • I agree that the run will end. But, seriously, uwin2, what do you think is happening at the moment? Most of the juniors are sitting at the bases of the bollingers. Oil could drop to $80/bbl and it won't really change the forward momentum for companies like KOG and MHR. Now--if it drops to $60/bbl, there could be a serious tumble. However, that won't happen--OPEC won't let that happen in global markets and as for other countries getting into the fracking game, they are all two to three years out. Demand, despite horrible growth here in the states, will still continue to grow. So--of course--the question is when. Well, none of us know do we,-so we play at the edge. This is not to insult your thinking. You have a conservative view and any given day might find me in your camp. By the way, in my home town, Salt Lake City, Utah, bus fares have risen so high that the public debate has begun as to whether it is time to get back in our cars. This is not a serious issue in one city--but it is happening elsewhere, too. So--it won't be a happy ending--you are right. But I think we can still play at the margins for another few years. Thank-you for your thoughts..

    • Stay negative friend, stay negative. Sooner or later you MIGHT be right. The doomsday sayers have been spouting about the 'market crash' and what you should do AT ONCE, since January. Of course, they all have a newsletter they want to sell you. And, just for you, I have this Ocean front property, in Kansas, for sale. But you must act quickly!